Yellow Vietnam Kratom

As the name implies, the Yellow Vietnam Kratom is grown in Vietnam. Although Vietnam isn’t known as a Kratom exporting country, the country’s export of commercial quantity Kratom in recent years has grown by a lot.

yellow vietnam kratom

The strain is harvested from the Long Xuyen in the Mekong Delta region and the mountainous Mekong River region of Vietnam. While not yet as popular as White Vietnam, Yellow Vietnam has steadily been growing in popularity. One peculiar thing about Yellow Vietnam is that it doesn’t have such a sedative effect as other strains of Kratom.

Benefits Of The Yellow Vietnam Kratom

One of the biggest reasons why Kratom is such a popular herb is because of its pain-relieving qualities. All Kratom strains, whether Green, Red or White all have analgesic properties that make them excellent for pain relief. However, Yellow Vietnam has more pain relief capabilities than most Kratom strains. This is because it has 25% more alkaloids than other strains (The Thai strain is a good example). Of course, this is also one of the reasons why Yellow Vein strains work quicker than other strains of Kratom.

In addition to this, the Yellow Vein can also be used as a fairly effective anti-depressant. This is because it offers a balanced and long-lasting moodlift when used. If you cannot get a prescription, then you should consider using the herb.

Another benefit of the Yellow Vein is that it gives you better eyesight. This is an effect that isn’t common with other strains and has only been reported by very few users. However, these users say that sustained use of Yellow Vietnam has provided their sights with a lot.

It’s not easy to get your body to relax, and there are times when, try as you might, you cannot just seem to de-stress your body and mind. If this is a situation you’ve found yourself in, then you should consider taking the Yellow Vein. Many users have reported that it helps them relax and that the strain has a soothing effect on their bodies and minds.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom Dosage

The first rule to note about Kratom doses is to note that there are no rules.

Well, there are some, but not really. Here’s what I mean.

Your optimum Kratom dose depends on a lot of factors like age, gender and size. For the most part, you cannot control these factors so you’ll have to find the right dose for you on your won. However, there are a few guidelines that can help you as you go.

The first is that you should use the capsule form of the herb if you cannot properly weigh and use the powdered form. Since the capsule form is also easier to use, it is a double win for you.

You should also remember to not exceed two grams if it’s your first time using Kratom. Exceeding 2 grams may expose you to harmful effects like headaches, nausea and stomach pain. When your body has gotten used to the strain, you can then use up to four grams. If you’ve been using it for so long that you cannot remember when you started, you can even use up to 6 grams of the drug.

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