Yellow Indo Vein Kratom

If you’re a Kratom buff like I am, you would know that “Indo” in the name of a Kratom strain means that it was grown in Indonesia.

So yes, the Yellow Indo Vein is actually grown and harvested from the lush bushes of Indonesia. Alongside Thailand, Indonesia is one of the biggest Kratom tree growers in the world. Perhaps this is because the Kratom tree just thrives endlessly in the area.

yellow indo vein kratom

But enough of the origins of the Yellow Indo. What exactly does this strain do, and what do people say about it?

Benefits Of Yellow Indo Vein Kratom

Pain Relief

Pain relief is a common benefit of all kratom strains, and the Yellow Indo is not an exception. The strain has a lot of analgesic properties that help with relieving pain, and this makes it a great natural choice for pain killers. Importantly, it’s not addictive so you can use it without worrying about addiction.

As An Anti-depressant

Users have also noticed a change of mood after using Yellow Indo. It works somewhat like an anti-depressant— but without all the baggage of prescriptions and addictions. It will help lift your mood, and if you’re suffering from depression a shot of Yellow Indo a day can keep the depressy away.


As a whole, the Yellow Vein strains are great for relaxation. If you’re experiencing insomnia, or find it difficult to relax after a day of work, the Yellow Indo at high doses with certainly do the trick. It’s a strain that will lure you into a deep and refreshing sleep. Users have reported that using Yellow Indo before sleep always leaves them clear-headed and refreshed in the morning.

Stimulating Effects

Like most Kratom strains, the Yellow Indo also has stimulating effects despite having sedative benefits. The trick, of course, is in the dose that is used. If you want stimulating effects (that is, if you want the strain to work like coffee and provide clarity and a burst of energy), then you should use it in low doses. However, if you want sedative effects, you can increase your dose by a gram or two.

Yellow Indo Kratom Use

A lot of people say that there are no standard doses for Kratom, and I agree to some extent. There’s no saying what a gram or two would do to your body, as there are a lot of factors that determine what your optimum Kratom dose should be.

However, there are general rules that you should do well to follow when using Kratom. One of these rules is that you shouldn’t use more than two grams of whatever strain of Kratom if you’re a new user. Doing that means that you could end up on Reddit talking about how the Yellow Indo gave you headaches and made you vomit. You obviously wouldn’t want that, so try to stick to 2 grams on the first try.

Importantly, if you’re not great at measuring and dividing the powdered form, do not try to. Buy the capsule form instead, as that comes already divided. Importantly, even when your body has ultimately gotten used to the herb, you shouldn’t take more than 6 grams per day.

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