Yellow Gold Kratom

Yellow gold kratom is one of the newest and rarest variants of Mitragyna speciosa plant. Right from its inception, it has been making constant progress in the kratom market. Just as the name suggests, yellow gold kratom is a yellow strain of kratom grown around the Asian continent, particularly in Indonesia.

yellow gold kratom

The yellow gold kratom is extracted from the leaves of Mitragyna plants, and it requires a relatively more complicated drying process. Likewise, the aroma and results of yellow gold kratom are unique, and it is different from red, green, and white strains. Yellow kratom gives a gripping and fascinating experience.

What is yellow Gold Kratom

Yellow Gold kratom is gotten from any veined breed of Mitragyna speciosa plant. It is obtained from kratom strains of typical vein colors, just that they are harvested and processed before they are fully developed. The early harvest of the kratom plant and the processing pattern usually affect both the aroma and the effect of yellow gold kratom. It often comes as a finely refined powder, and it is essentially between green and red strains, thus, making it an excellent choice for those that prefer the two.

Yellow gold kratom is done or processed by drying the leaves of red, green, or white variants of kratom. This drying process is usually carried out and done under the sun before it is further fermented under suitable conditions—the color of the processed veins changes to yellow as a result of the drying and fermentation procedure. Likewise, the processing can also alter the type of alkaloids present in the plant, consequently affecting its effects and the results it gives.

Yellow Gold Kratom Effects and benefits

The popularity of this kratom strain can be attributed to its desirable and fascinating effects. The effect of Yellow gold kratom feels like a blend of green kratom and yellow kratom. Its effects are usually long-lasting, and it is capable of giving soothing and analgesic effects. The known benefits of yellow gold kratom include;

  • It is a viable pain reliever and holds a lot of analgesic properties
  • It improves cognitive functions by increasing the level of concentration, and it also keeps the user alert and focused.
  • It can produce an effective relief from stress and anxiety
  • It is also viable as an energy booster
  • Yellow gold kratom is a potent mood enhancer

Yellow gold kratom dosage

Although a lot of people view yellow kratom dosage as a personal thing, but just like every other compound of clinical use, it is best if it is taken in the appropriate dosage. There are recommended dosage for beginners as well as heavy users that is sufficient to give desired results.

Generally, beginners should take a lower dosage of about 2 grams per day, while regular users can take about 4-6 grams to keep the dosage at a moderate level. Heavy users can also use 7-10 grams daily. It is not advisable to take a higher dose than the recommended dosage to prevent undesirable results.

My personal view

I often enjoy using yellow gold kratom because its effects feel like a blend of both yellow and red kratom in one package. It gives me this euphoric feeling that makes me feel the amazement of life. Its effects are top-notch, and it certainly justifies its popularity.

Yellow gold kratom alternative

Depending on your desired effect, any of the white, red, or green strains can serve as a suitable alternative for yellow gold kratom. This is because yellow kratom’s effects are a blend of these strains, and you can pick anyone to give your desired results in the absence of the yellow gold kratom.

Is it worth trying?

Yellow gold kratom is worth trying regardless of if you are a newbie or an experienced user. If you find it challenging to choose between red and green kratom too, yellow gold might be the answer because its result is a blend of the two strains.

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