White Vietnam Kratom

Like most Kratom strains, White Vietnam is named after the area it is grown in. The leaves are mostly grown in the 200-mile forests along the Mekong River in Vietnam. The area where this strain of Kratom grows is one of the most fertile on the planet. A combination of rich soil and the natural alkaloids of the Kratom plant means that the white Vein is one of the most potent strains of the herb on the market.

white vietnam kratom

If you’re in need of a natural and organic source herb that offers pain relief and bursts of energy, then you should consider the White Vietnam Kratom. But this is far from being the only benefit that the herb offers.

Other Benefits Of White Vietnam Kratom

Lucidity And Mood Improvement

All Kratom strains help lift your mood in a way or the other, and white Vietnam is no different. After using it, your mood will almost certainly experience a lift. You’ll feel a change in mental energy, and you will be able to work without mental fatigue.

Energy And Stimulation

The White Vietnam Kratom isn’t a wonder drug that will make you feel like Clark Kent. However, the herb is known for providing energy in smooth bursts. It is not energy that you will be enough for a particularly stressful task, but it will come in handy for daily use.

Pain Relief

This is probably the most common reason why people use White Vietnam Kratom. The herb is known for relieving pain. While it may not be efficient at relieving pain like the Bali or Borneo strains, it is quite effective too. It won’t have a strong sedative effect on you as well, so you can use it during weekdays.

Dosage For White Vietnam Kratom

Unlike other drugs, there is no standard dose for Kratom usage. The best dose for you largely depends on factors like your size, gender and sex. However, there are some general guidelines for you to follow when using the herb.

The first is that you shouldn’t use more than 2grams of Kratom if you’re a new user. You must first test your body’s reaction to the drug before you go on. After that, you can increase your dose by half a gram.

However, there’s a limit. You shouldn’t pass the four grams unless you’re a veteran and you’ve been using the herb for a while. Even at this, you must try not to exceed 6 grams.

Can You Use White Vietnam Kratom With Other Strains Of Kratom

You shouldn’t try to use a strain of Kratom with another. This is because you wouldn’t be able to predict the effects of the mixture. But there are a few exceptions. If you have a special need or have used both of the potential strains to be mixed enough, then you can mix and use in moderate quantities.

Side Effects

Kratom doesn’t have side effects. However, like other drugs, overdosing on the herb can be problematic. You may experience headaches, nausea or vomiting. Fortunately, it is very unlikely that overdosing on the drug can be fatal.

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