White Vein Kratom

white vein kratom

You’ve heard about the different Kratom strains such as the Red Bali, Green Vein, Yellow Sunda, to name a few. And of course you have the White Vein Kratom. Kratom in general, hails from the same coffee plant species found in Southeast Asia and its growing popularity is undeniable. Although its therapeutic claims have not yet been validated, it is touted as an herbal medication with its stimulant and analgesic properties.


Like many Kratom strains, the White Vein Kratom has its own specialty and uniqueness. It is primarily a mood booster more than it is a sedative. And it is common to drink it as a tea than in capsule form. So when taken early mornings, it gives you the energy that may last the whole day. You will also get a sharper mental focus and stay vibrant, which will enable you to accomplish more tasks.

In line with the aforementioned stimulant benefits, the White Vein Kratom also increases your endurance. With prolonged strength, it enhances memory and cognitive abilities in the process. Please note that these apparent effects are mostly based on user experience than on scientific studies, which are non-existent as of this writing.

Potency is Kratom’s buzzword. That said, it can be good or bad depending on dosage and quality of Kratom strains. As a reminder, Kratom may be a medicinal herb, but it may also be a psychoactive drug that can affect your mental faculties and your body as a whole.

Going back, unless you prepared your own cup of White Vein Kratom tea at home, you have to be careful if someone hands it over to you. If it’s too potent, meaning, more than 5 grams of the leaf, then it might have devastating consequences to your health.


There are informal research on how Kratom can slow one’s breathing, increases your heart rate, toxifies your liver, and raises your blood pressure. Expect an even deadlier outcome when you mix it with any form of alcohol.

It’s been said that the White Vein is great to use as an addiction treatment to cigarettes and opiates. Ironically so, this herbal drug is set to help you quit another drug. But, the question is, at what expense? It’s a catch 22 – you may completely withdraw from opiate use, but you might also end up being addicted to White Vein Kratom or any strain you are using.

And it should be noted that a successful rehab will also entail a solid psychological program, support community, and additional medication if need be. Unfortunately, there have been cases where Kratom has not been entirely helpful in total withdrawal from opioids. On the contrary, It has led the user back to his old habit of taking potentially lethal drugs.

Final thoughts

With the above risk assessment vs cost benefit analysis of the White Vein Kratom, it’s better to err on the side of caution, especially when you intend to use it for treatment of opiate dependence. It’s also not the best option to use, whether recreationally or medically if you actually have an addiction history in your family.

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