White Vein Indo Kratom

white vein indo kratom

If you’ve used the Red Vein Indo Kratom before, then you should be no stranger to the White Vein Indo as well. Since both strains are grown in Indonesia as the name implies, they have a lot in common.

White Vein Indo

The White Vein Indo Kratom is a kind of Kratom plant that is found on Borneo, Indonesia’s largest Island. It has a lot of uses, but there’s one thing that most users know White Vein Indo for, and that is its pain-relieving properties. You could also use it to fight tiredness, mental fatigue and even depression.

Effects Of the White Vein Indo

Pain Relief

Many people who prefer White Vein Indo Kratom do so because of its amazing pain-relieving properties. That’s because the strain has a lot of pain-relieving properties that work on pain receptors in the body and mind. Since it’s a herb, it’s even better and safer than pharmacy bought pain relievers. It is also not addictive, so it works out as an excellent alternative for pain relief.

Improved Focus

People who suffer from mental fatigue will find the White Vein Indo to be of great help. The strain helps you improve your focus, especially if you’re involved in mentally tasking activities. Students who spend hours studying and office workers who need a high level of concentration especially love this effect of the strain.

Sedative effects

If you’re dealing with Insomnia and need something to help you sleep better, then you should consider the White Indo. It has properties that will heavily sedate you and help you sleep better. However, if you want the sedative effects of the White Indo, you’ll have to use it in sufficiently high quantities.


When used in low quantities, the White Indo will help stimulate your mind and your body. It will give you some of the effects of caffeine and will provide that burst of energy that you need to work.


The right dose of White Indo for you depends on many things like size, age and gender. However, there are basic guidelines that you should follow whenever you want to take the herb.

One of those guidelines is that first time users should avoid taking more than two grams of the drug per day. Taking less than two grams helps your body warm up to the effects of the herb, and prevents an overdose. However, If you’ve used the strain for a while you can use up to four grams per day. Veteran users can use up to 6 grams per day and even more.

While Kratom has no side effects, it is important to note that overdosing on any drug is not safe. If you begin to feel nauseous or begin to feel any other adverse side effects, that’s your cue to reduce your dose.

Can You Mix White Vein Indo Kratom With Other Strains Of Kratom?

It’s not advisable to mix strains of Kratom together. It is even less safe to mix strains of Kratom with other herbs. However, for veterans with enough knowledge of both strains to be mixed, it is possible. Inexperienced users should not attempt to mix Kratom strains.

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