White Hulu Kratom

There are many strains of Kratom, but one that you’ll rarely find is the White Hulu Kratom. Unlike other strains of Kratom, the White Hulu is a fairly recent type of White Vein strain. In fact, very few people are aware of the existence of the strain.

Perhaps the reason why this is so is that the White Hulu is harvested from trees that grow in a thick forest in Indonesia near the island of Borneo. The forest is located right on the banks of the river Kapuas.

white hulu kratom

Unfortunately, the river is directly adjacent to the Malaysian border, and this is why it is somewhat difficult to harvest the leaves. Another reason why it is difficult to get a hold of the White Hulu is that only mature leaves of the Kratom tree can be used to make the herb. It is quite hard to for producers to get hands-on these leaves.

Benefits Of The White Hulu Kratom

People who use the herb make use of it for many reasons. One important reason is the stimulating effects that it can have on users. If you’re lacking in energy, and need to be energised, you can take the White Hulu. It works like coffee in someways— the only difference being that the herb is natural, organic and provides clean energy.

Other effects of the White Vein strain is that it has calming effects and a strong aroma that can be quite useful for aromatherapy. Many users have reported that the herb helped them to calm their minds, souls and bodies after use.

The drug can also work as a powerful pain reliever. This is because of the active analgesic that forms a big part of this drug. In fact, many female users have reported that the drug helped them to relieve period cramps.

Side Effects

Kratom users have not been able to pinpoint a particular side effect of using the drug. It is a natural and non-addictive alternative to coffee and several other store bought drugs.

However, overdosing on Kratom can cause serious complications, even if it doesn’t result in death. If you experience effects like headaches, nausea and vomiting, you should reduce immediately reduce your dose of the drug.

Recommended Dosage Of White Hulu Kratom

There are a lot of factors that determine the right dose of White Hulu for you. Some of these factors include age, size, and gender. So, for the most part, you’ll have to find the perfect dose for you by yourself.

However, there are some guidelines to help you find that right dose. If you’re using the herb for the first time, you should try not to exceed two grams per day. That will allow you to notice your body’s reaction to the herb.

Frequent users should only use up to four grams of the drug, whole longtime users can even go as high as six grams.

If you do not know how to properly measure your dose, you should use the capsule form. It is already measured and will give you no trouble.

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