White Dragon Kratom

white dragon kratom

If you’re looking to get into one of the most potent strains of Kratom, then you should consider the White Dragon. Here we’ll be talking about the benefits, forms and dose of one of the most potent strains of Kratom on the market.

What Is The White Dragon?

The White Dragon Kratom is a blend of the White Elephant and White Maeng Da Kratom strains. To understand why people love the White Dragon so much, you must understand what makes up the two strains that form the White Dragon.

The Maeng Da isn’t a strain of Kratom per se. Instead, it’s any strain of white Kratom that is extremely potent. It’s little wonder that Maeng Da directly translates to “pimp grade” Kratom.

The White Elephant Kratom is made from leaves that grow in Indonesia and Papua new guinea. These leaves are quite big, and they look like floppy elephant ears. That’s why the strain is called the White Elephant strain. The leaves of the White Elephant is are known to improve cognitive ability, provide mood enhancement and increase levels of concentration.

Together, these two strains of Kratom are what make up thehe White Dragon. It is easy to see why many people love the strain.

Benefits Of The White Dragon

Mood Enhancement

Many people take the White Dragon because they believe that it will help improve their mood. To a large extent, they’ve mostly been proven right. The herb has properties that help you feel better, and this makes it a great drug for people suffering from depression.

Anxiety Relief

People who suffer from anxiety often feel fear and panic at random times of the day. A good dose of the White Dragon will eliminate that feeling for up to 8 hours. Used regularly, the White Dragon eliminates anxiety disorders completely.

If you’re searching for a drug that is non-addictive and can replace pharmacy bought anti-anxiety drugs, then you should consider the White Dragon. Since it has no side effects, you can be certain that it is absolutely safe.

Dosage For White Dragon Kratom

Before you take the White Dragon, it is important that you know the right dosage to take. The right dose for you depends on a lot of factors like age, size and gender, but there are some guidelines that every Kratom user should follow.

New users should try not to use more than 4 grams of Kratom per day. This is to allow the body to get used to the herb, and for you to measure the effects that it has on your body. Regular users can use up to four grams per day, while veteran users can even take up to 6 grams. Anything more than 6 grams is a high dose, and people who take more than that should be careful.

Forms Of White Dragon

The herb is available in different forms. You can vape it, smoke it, swallow it, or add it to tea or coffee. However, I’d advise that you take the capsule form because it comes already measured.

Bottom Line

The White Dragon is an extremely potent form of Kratom that will help with anxiety, depression and stress. Using the strain will help you feel better and will improve your overall productivity at work. So if you want to try it, you can go on right ahead.

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