toss and wash kratom

There are a number of ways of consuming your favorite herb that is Kratom. You can swallow its capsules, although you will need lots of it, to produce your desired effect. You can also drink it in tea form, or even smoke its dried leaves. But you must know that not all methods are equal. It is said that the toss and wash is the best way to reap the myriad of benefits in Kratom.

toss and wash kratom

Tossing and washing in a nutshell

Toss and wash is simple and requires practically no prep. As the name suggests, you toss the Kratom inside your mouth and wash it down with water. However, this method is not as easy as it sounds. After all, Kratom has an aroma that may prove too strong for some people, therefore, making it seemingly difficult to use this method,

When you perform the toss and wash, you are taking Kratom in powder form according to the recommended dose, and must be followed through with water. You then create a whirlpool of sorts until your powder dissolves in the water, and then you swallow it. Minutes later, you’re feeling either energized or sedated, depending on the type of strain you’ve ingested.

While it appears that you will need a lot of getting used to in order to be able to pull off taking in Kratom this way, the toss and wash will be the most efficient and most effective at the same time. But even if you’ve mastered this style, you can still opt to take Kratom any which way you prefer.

The challenge

Acquiring the skills of the toss and wash will take practice until it becomes easy for you. This means you will run through a trial and error test because the not-so pleasant smell and taste of Kratom can be discouraging. Once you get past it, you’ll thank yourself for sticking it out. After all, you will get the most out of your Kratom if you will take it in this manner.

However, it is important to avoid inhaling the powder once you have taken it orally as it may cause damage to your lungs. This is because some Kratom variants consist of silica and perhaps other ingredients that will not be good when inhaled.

Learning the ropes

Needless to say, it is important to follow the right dosage. I suggest you get your dose by putting it in your glass and checking if you’ve scooped enough. You must remember that Kratom does not dissolve fast with water. So when you take it in, expect that it will stick to your teeth, gums, tongue and inner walls at first.

Before you toss the Kratom inside, make sure you have your water handy already. It won’t be pleasant to hold in your dry Kratom powder as it sticks everywhere and tasting every bit of its aromatic herb before you’re able to water it down.

While sticking out your tongue, you can take your Kratom powder gently inside. This way, you won’t overwhelm your mouth with the strong aroma that will cause your gag reflex to kick in.

Afterwards, pour your glass of water or liquid drink. Let it mix with the dry powder by swooshing it side to side like you are gargling it. As you’re doing this, you are dissolving the Kratom powder inside. Once the powder clumps have smoothened, you can swallow the entire liquid mix.

Congratulations, you have successfully ingested your Kratom, toss and wash style! While Kratom veterans may choose to take it in one gulp, you must remember that you don’t have to ingest your required dose in one mouthful yourself. You can divide it into two, or three even for as long as you stay within your suggested amount according to Kratom strain.

Toss and wash habit

You can begin to unleash the beneficial effects of Kratom intake with the toss and wash. You may still feel awkward after a few successful tries, but believe me, you are well on your way to being a toss and wash expert. Enjoy your swooshing!

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