Red Horn Kratom

Red Horn Kratom is derived from the Mitragyna tree, which requires a specific atmosphere to thrive. It grows in humid, tropical climates like that of Southeast Asia, which see moderate sunlight and plenty of rain year-round. As the tree requires a lot of water to survive, it is highly sensitive to drought, has little tolerance for cold, and has zero tolerance for snow.

red horn kratom

The powdered form of Red Horn Kratom is produced in a fashion similar to herbal tea. It is harvested from Mitragyna tree by cutting the leaves, dehydrating them, and then grounding these dried pieces into a fine powder. Resins and concentrated extracts are formed by boiling the leaves until only the alkaloid elements remain, then extracting both the concentrated liquid and the byproducts of the broken-down leaves.

How is Red Horn Kratom Taken?

Historically, Red Horn Kratom users would chew on the raw leaf of the Mitragyna tree to receive the effects, but the powdered form has supplanted this method for its portability and storage convenience. The powdered form is ingested in various ways. Most users take a scoop of Red Horn Kratom powder and wash it down with a strong-tasting liquid like apple juice or soda that overpowers its unpleasant taste. Those who don’t mind the taste or have grown used to it will take it with water.

Red Horn Kratom powder is also placed into digestible capsules and consumed the same as an over-the-counter pain reliever, either washed down or swallowed dry. Ingesting the powder directly grants quicker release of kratom’s effects, usually half an hour, while the gel caps provide a more consistent effect spread out over a longer period of time. The typical (and recommended) dosage of Red Horn Kratom is between 2-4 grams, as higher dosages may contribute to some of the side effects.

Can We Make Tea from Red Horn Kratom?

Yes, boiling Red Horn Kratom tea has been one of the preferred application methods since its inception. This usually involves taking dehydrated leaves or powder and boiling them in water, then extracting the liquid through a strainer. The process is repeated with the same leaves until the tea reaches the desired concentration. The tea is usually chased with juice to remove the taste, or some will add lemon to make it easier to swallow quickly. Red Horn Kratom is also blended into smoothies, mixed into chocolate milk, and stirred into malleable foods like applesauce. Some have tried smoking Red Horn Kratom, and while it can be consumed this way without severe discomfort, the amount one would need to smoke in order to feel the effects is considered impractical.

How Red Horn Kratom Helps

Red Horn Kratom delivers you different results on consumption due to distinctive properties which may be very useful for you. Red Horn Kratom strains give you exceptional medicinal effects which are very beneficial physically as well as psychologically including:


Red Horn Kratom offer energy boosting properties, thus helping you in relaxation and enhances confidence.


Red Horn Kratom also delivers sedating effects and bring Sense of calmness.


Red Horn Kratom delivers the potent sedating properties and makes it highly operative for good sleep. If you take it with other sleep aids, it shows hugely more effective results.


The strain has a very active anti-stress knack due to the red vein sedating properties which help well to sleep with muscle relaxation characteristic. It soothes nerves, Release tension and Reduce stress levels.

Pain Relief:

Red Horn Kratom strains are well known for pain relief property. Its leaves have the high level of 7-hydroxymitragynine which helps in pain relief. It has an active opioid agonist alkaloid which simulates the enkephalins and endorphins in the brain. That’s why considered one of the most prominent strains for pain relief.

To sum up its benefits, it promotes positivity and helps in cases sleeping disorders like insomnia, parasomnia and night fears and produces painkilling effects as well as helps to treat the withdrawal symptoms connected with opiate craving and several other dependencies. It acts like magic.

Features of Red Horn Kratom:

  1. The analgesic effect may lead you towards the sedation if you use it in high doses.
  2. The healing practice of the strain is best for those who undergo enduring pain.
  3. You will start experiencing the effects within one hour just after taking a single quantity.
  4. The alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine which is an opioid agonist helps in pain relief.
  5. It changes the pain pathway at altered levels and parodists the properties of enkephalins and endorphins subduing the pain.
  6. The pain relief competence of this strain is quite gigantic and more distinct than the other vein, and in general, the red tends to be more sedating and best for good sleep.


Red Horn Kratom is very unique in that if you take too little, you won’t feel anything, and also, if you take too much, you won’t feel the desired effects either. You will need to find your sweet spot that produces the most favorable effects. Luckily, with a few simple steps, finding your sweet spot is easy to do, and, if you’re anything like me, this will be a fun process as well! With that being said, let’s get started!

For men, I recommend starting with 2.5-3 grams while women under 160 pounds should start with 1.5-2 grams. For the best results, I strongly encourage all of you to pick up a digital scale. Having a scale will help you absolutely dial in your sweet spot so you can be sure to get it on the money every time. However, if you do not have access to a scale, you can use a teaspoon. 1 level teaspoon is roughly 2 grams. After you have consumed your first dose, give yourself about 30-45 minutes to see if you feel any results. If you haven’t felt anything after that time, then consume another .5-1 grams and repeat the first two steps. I personally use about 3-4 grams per use, and it still does the trick for me a year later.

Guidelines to buy Red Horn Kratom

Ask about the source

A good online Red Horn Kratom vendor should be able to tell you where they source their Kratom, this is very important. If they have no clue or are not clear about the source, chances are they are scammers and you should think twice before purchasing from them. Always keep in mind that the source of Kratom determines its purity.

No exaggerations

Before making a purchase, take some time and check their site for exaggeration. If you get a feeling that the vendor is avoiding certain crucial information and only focusing on exaggerations with too many promotional statements, it’s probably a warning sign that they are fake vendors.

Take a closer look at the vendor’s website

Apart from checking exaggerations and user reviews, go a step further and look at the safety and reliability of their website. Check to see that they have all the security measures in place to securely handle your credit card. They should have an SSL certificate installed to prevent any chances of unauthorized persons getting your credit and other sensitive personal details. The site should also be deigned professionally without annoying free pop-ups and ads. Other things to look for include their terms and conditions, shipping arrangements, and return policy.


In addition to revealing their Red Horn Kratom source, a good online vendor should clearly label the strain or blend of strains they are offering without rebranding it. So, if you see names like “killer” or “bomb” appearing prominently on the package, take another closer look. Other things like the weight, dosage, and use instructions should be clearly indicated on a good quality package.

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