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As far back as I can remember, I have always considered myself an evening person, sleeping in and slow to get moving in the morning yet full of energy and the desire to chip away at large projects in the evening. In my opinion, these qualities are not necessarily bad; however, once I began running a few of my own businesses, I found that it was tough for me to get everything done in the day that I needed to when I was constantly getting up after noon.

red bali kratom

As I have gotten older, my sleeping habits have started to negatively impact my life more and more. I can no longer function as well on less hours of sleep as I could when I was 4-6 years younger. I remember feeling that the most frustrated on the nights that I knew I should get to sleep early because of an important early morning the following day. I frequently found myself restless in the evening, unable to relax and “wind down” as I prepared for bed. I found my mind racing with thoughts and ideas, or worse yet, I would find myself wasting time on social media, quite literally doing nothing. This would oftentimes leave me in a rundown state the following morning and consequently negatively affect the quality of whatever work had to be done the following morning.

I very rarely use prescription medicine and have never used sleeping medicine. For one reason or another, I have just never liked the idea of a pill that basically just puts you unconscious for a period of time. Most research I have done about sleeping pills shows that what you get isn’t real sleep as much as a period of being “not awake.” Since sleeping pills were out of the equation for me, I figured I was just shut out of luck when it came to be being able to wind down at the end of the night and get to sleep on time.

Red Bali kratom

While looking out for a solution, I came across article on Red Bali kratom and its incredible effects for thousands of years. After using Red Bali kratom about three times, I realized that I may have found something. When I use 3.5-4 grams of Red Bali kratom, I feel incredibly euphoric and relaxed, experience absolutely no anxiety, and also experience a decrease in pain for about an hour to an hour and a half. I’m left feeling incredibly content about life and get very comfortable in whatever situation or location I’m in. After this first 60-90 minutes, I’m pleasantly hit with a feeling of tiredness and the desire to fall asleep. This makes Red Bali kratom ideal for use before bed, although it was not ideal the first three times when I had taken it on days that I had planned to be productive and just wanted to be in a better mood. Red Bali kratom completely takes away any of the annoying instances of my mind racing from thought to thought. The decrease in pain that I normally feel from training in the gym also helps me get to sleep much more easily.

While this has done wonders for me when it comes to falling asleep more easily, I feel that it is important to limit your use of Red Bali kratom as a sleep aid to once or twice per week. I started just by using it on days when I had to be asleep MUCH earlier than I usually would end up getting to bed. Using it more often than this will lead to an increased tolerance and spending much more money than necessary. The best news is that by starting slow and getting myself to sleep earlier on a couple nights a week, I have been waking up earlier on most days. Over weeks and months, I have shifted my entire week’s sleep schedule so that I am consistently getting to bed earlier and therefore getting up earlier every day! Having gone from being an evening person to a morning person, I can honestly say that I am much more productive now in the early morning hours (especially when I use a fast strain) than I ever was during my “night owl” phase.

If you are new to Kratom, then I would like to help novice users acclimate safely to a new strain.

Red Bali kratom Dosage Recommendations

Below are some of the considerations to take into account when figuring out which dosage is correct for you. Bear in mind that these are not scientific but based on common understanding of how Red Bali kratom has affected different users.

Height and weight. Red Bali kratom, like virtually any substance that works with the body’s natural chemistry, operates according to the size of its container. Just as it takes more medicine for a grownup to feel better than a child, it takes more kratom for a tall and/or heavy person to feel the same effects a smaller person. Again, this is a general rule of thumb to serve as baseline, not a definitive scientific fact. Some will find they require more of certain strains despite their diminutive stature, but you should always start on the low side and work your way up.

Most have reported that Red Bali kratom taken on an empty stomach takes much less time to have an effect, and the onset is much stronger. The most common time frames before energy or sedation kicks in on an empty stomach is about 10-15 minutes. Conversely, taking Red Bali kratom after eating will usually take half an hour to work. Some make the mistake of taking Red Bali kratom after eating, feeling nothing after the expected 15 minutes has passed, then taking more. This effectively doubles the dosage, which can lead to some stomach irritability and nausea.

The “Average” Red Bali kratom Dosage

Of course, average dose will vary according to who you ask, but the general consensus among Red Bali kratom users is that the average dose should be 1.5 to 2 grams for beginners, and about that same amount for those trying a new strain. Once you’ve acclimated most consider 4 grams a “healthy” portion good enough to take once during a day. Any amount higher than 5 grams will alter the effects, with even the most energetic strains enacting sedative and euphoric effects. The desire to feel these effects is what causes many novice users to start off with the higher amounts, and the onset of side effects will cause them to shy away from that strain before they have the opportunity to work their way up to an optimal dosage. Abusing Red Bali kratom or taking too much won’t cause any serious side effects—i.e. a fatal overdose—but taking too much of it can cause abdominal discomfort, and the body will probably react by expelling it in a manner that isn’t pleasant. As always, the key to enjoying Red Bali kratom is moderation.

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