Nova Kratom Review

I’ve been ordering my kratom from Nova Kratom’s website for the last few months.
Here is my review.


I’m a big fan of kratom.

I live in a state where weed is illegal but kratom isn’t, so kratom is easier for me to get. I sometimes use it recreationally, but more often I use kratom to deal with my insomnia and my chronic pain. That’s why I usually order several different strains. And it works great.

When I hear about a new kratom supplier I check them out. Usually it doesn’t take very long to move on because their prices are too high, or they don’t have reviews, or they look sketchy.

I saw some stuff online about Nova Kratom and they looked like a reliable company. So I tried them and I’m very glad I did.


This was the easiest site I ever ordered from. It was simple to navigate and find the products I wanted. The site worked perfectly and it only took 90 seconds to place an order. They also make it easy to find their discount offers. There’s been a 20% or 25% coupon code right on the website every time I’ve ordered.

I also liked the fact that they had full descriptions of each strain, including where it comes from and what it does. I didn’t need the information but I thought that it showed that they know their products well and want their customers to be educated before they buy.

I wish they took bitcoin for payment (only credit cards accepted). I wanted to call them to ask if it was an option but they don’t have a phone number on the website, just a contact form. That was the only time I wondered if they were legit, but they emailed me back within an hour to apologize about not taking bitcoin and said they hoped to have that possibility available soon. That made me feel confident about ordering.


I usually have kratom delivered by UPS or FedEx for privacy reasons, but Nova Kratom only uses USPS. The good news was that shipping was free for all orders over $39.95 and the package was completely discreet with no sign of what was inside. (You can get overnight delivery for a whopping $38, but the price is the postal service’s fault, not the company’s.)

My orders have all shown up in perfect shape, in four days or less. One order arrived in just two days. No complaints there.


Nova Kratom sells one of the largest selection of strains I’ve seen anywhere. That made me happy.

I’ve ordered Red Hulu, Green Elephant, Red Indo and White Maeng Da from Nova Kraton.

Red Hulu is my favorite kratom because it relaxes me and relieves my pain while not knocking me out. I was delighted that Nova Kratom had it because it’s harder to find, and they still sell it at the same price as their other strains. I use Green Elephant when I need a good boost. Red Indo is the best I’ve found for my insomnia, and Nova Kratom’s was great at letting me get a good night’s sleep. And of course I had to try their Maeng Da.

The quality of the kratom was absolutely terrific. Actually, it was some of the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried a lot, from different suppliers. I could tell I was going to like it immediately, from the fresh smell and color and the really fine grind. And the experiences were high-quality all the way, for all of the strains. There were no stomach issues or other side effects, just the healthy lift or relaxation I expected, depending on which kratom I was using.

What was most surprising? Nova Kratom’s prices. They charge the same $24, $48 or $88 (for 250g, 500g or 1000g respectively) for all strains, even the ones like Red Hulu. That’s less than I’ve paid almost anywhere, and the coupon discount and free shipping actually make the prices I paid even lower. (They also sell capsules for the same prices.)

If you couldn’t tell, I was really impressed.


Nova Kratom is the best kratom supplier I’ve found, period. Their prices are low, the quality of their product is exceptional, and the ordering experience and customer service is just about perfect.

Frankly, I was blown away – and that was even before I opened the packages and got blown away even more.

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