New Dawn Kratom Review

After 4 days of waiting for the order to arrive, I can finally update the New Dawn Kratom Review in-depth!

New Dawn Kratom seems to be getting a lot of attention from the online Kratom community lately since Coastline closed its doors.

I recently came across New Dawn Kratom looking for a good alternative to my old vendor.

I did a bit of research and it seems like they were pretty well known in some states but unknown in others before launching online (great opportunity for me to write a review on New Dawn Kratom).

The shop opened its doors Nationally in January 2021 when they launched – which immediately attracted attention with its low prices and amazing customer support.

Make sure to let me know your past experiences with New Dawn in the comments, and also let me know of other vendors you’d want us to test here at MYPHR!

Important disclaimer: I paid for all my purchases at New Dawn and this review is not sponsored by anyone, and not affiliated with New Dawn or any other shop. MYPHR is only supported by readers’ donations and Amazon affiliate links (no Amazon links on this article). If you feel like MYPHR is a helpful source of information, donations are always welcome, so we can continue testing different vendors and posting reviews.

Update on Last Order in 2021: My last order from New Dawn was made on 8 April 2021, consisting of 250g Red Maeng Da 250g White Maeng Da, 250g Green Maeng Da (my top 3 favorite strains). 750g in total for which I paid $48 for ($16×3 + free shipping). I received my order via USPS on 11 April 2021 (the delivery took slightly longer than I expected, support blamed it on USPS, but as a customer, I’ll have to lower their final rating because of that). Since then I’ve tested all 3 strains and I was as satisfied as with my first order. The quality is amazing, better than the other better known and more expensive alternatives.

A unique quality that I have observed about New Dawn Kratom is that they always test their Kratom to ensure it meets customers’ needs. I’ve had a discussion with the support and they’ve told me that they are testing each Kratom batch before delivery to their warehouse to make sure the alkaloid content is above 1.4% – this would explain why their Kratom is so potent, even for me – a long term Kratom user.

New Dawn Kratom Review

It seems they have a comprehensive testing practice looking for yeast, molds, pathogens, and more. A process that entails the elimination of heavy metals such as mercury, calcium, and lead. As well as an alkaloid screening process that checks for 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine for quality control.

Also, they ensure that they carry out comprehensive tests on every batch of 1 tonne.

Having tested this company for a while now (I’ve just placed my 3rd order – all on different names for reviewing purposes), I’ve found out that the potency of their products is constantly higher than that of their rivals in the Kratom market, at least those I’ve tested until now.

Despite being new in the market, the company seems to have established itself as the preferred choice for quite many customers.

I’m not going to fluff about their money-back guarantee, free transport, or other basic things that any good seller should have. I’ll let you discuss more in the comments and keep updating this review as I’ll order more.


  1. ANDY says:

    which strain you’d recommend me buying from them? I need something for pain thank you

    1. I’d advise you to try the Red Maeng Da or the Red Borneo in your case, let me know how this goes Andy!

      1. Jacob Jones says:

        I have some red Borneo on the way and I take Kratom for pain and insomnia. This review makes me feel like I made a good choice, lol. Hopefully it’s up to par with Happy Hippo.

    2. Robert Rigert says:

      Excellent product, long time user, some of the cleanest feeling feel good kratom I have ever tried. Have only tried the Green Thai so far but, am sure my other flavors will be same nice to know that This company has obviously found reliable quality source and is sharing the wealth.

    3. Whitney says:

      Hello, I also have similar issues & use tramadol . After reading I’m not sure if I want to try the green MD OR HORN . Have you tried either of these?
      Thank you

  2. Ben says:

    I ordered a sample pack, will update once it arrives.

    1. Jackson says:

      any news? I want to order but I have my doubts

      1. Ben says:

        Yes, got my order today, it’s even better than I expected, I’ll place another another order for two kilos later tonight.

    2. Jana R White says:

      Their customer service is awesome, and amazingly fast! I had been using the Red Bali, for my neuropathy pain, and was getting it from another vendor. But then I found Red Hulu on this site and it works even better for me. Their prices are even better than what I used to pay at other sites. I will DEFINITELY recommend New Dawn Kratom to anyone who uses Kratom!

    3. Kevin E Anderson says:

      I’m a new customer ! Prices are very good compared to some of the over priced online company’s that choose to gouge your eyes out on pricing! Long story short , you guys blew me away! Kratom was better that 99 percent of the well known companies in this country! You guys are my only Kratom company from now ! On! Fantastic Kratom and we’ll priced and priority mail on only 40 bucks! Not one company offers that! 5 stars

  3. amy says:

    my order just arrived today, i got 250g red bali to test them out. i was buyng at headshop but buying it online from new dawn is so much cheaper. slow delivery, took them 4 days, but very good kratom, i’ll order again from them in the future thx

  4. Nick says:

    I’m a disabled USMC Vet and I’ve had 5 knee surgeries, including a knee replacement. I’ve been on Tramadol since 2002, needless to say that i was addicted. The withdrawals are just awful man. I started taking kratom in 2019 and since then I’ve been Tramadol clean. I made my first order with new dawn kratom and received it a few days ago, I can’t believe I managed to find a source with better kratom and lower prices. prev I was buying from a local shop but i switched to buying online from these guys. Best decision ever.

    1. Brie says:

      Is there packing discrete?

      1. Nick says:

        Yes it is, just ask it to be discrete in their order comments or notes or whatever they call it

    2. Sarah says:

      Which strains do you use?

      1. Nick says:

        Geen and White Maeng Da

    3. Rich says:

      Nick just checking to see how your experience with Kratom and getting yourself off of tramadol is going.

  5. Mel says:

    I tried New Dawn white maeng da and it’s great. Is there another strain with similar effects that you recommend?

    1. The white thai is also worth a try! For me personally has similar, but a bit stronger effects

      1. Mel says:

        Thank you!!!

  6. D says:

    Thanks for the in depth review. I’ve been apprehensive ordering online, especially for a new company. I ordered white and red meang da. What would you recommend as their top white vein strain?

    1. D says:

      I went ahead and ordered 250 capsules of the white and red maeng da kratom. Before ordering, I contacted the company asking about their maeng da capsule size, testing and refund. They responded in three hours answering all questions
      1. Capsules are .5 to .6 grams
      2. Provided full testing results
      3. Ensured the quality and that I could ship it back for a full refund if not satisfied. I placed my order on 2/2/21 and received my order on 2/6/21.

      I have been getting my kratom locally locally and it was $13 an ounce. After looking around online I soon realized I could buy it online for a fraction of the cost. I came across this website and was impressed with the information and reviews on myphr. I’m a person that really researches something before purchasing online. I read a lot of reviews but rarely post myself, but I felt New Dawn Kratom deserved a pat on the back for offering quality kratom at outstanding prices.

      I took 8 capsules (around 4.5g) of the White Maeng Da on an empty stomach. I use a safety pin to poke small holes (6-8) in each capsule to aid in a faster release. The effects lasted 4-5 hours and faded slowly. I am completely blown away by the quality and potency of the white maeng da kratom. It is the strongest kratom I have ever tried to date. The effects were intense, euphoric and stimulating. I have yet test the red maeng da kratom, but if it’s anything like the white maeng da, I am sure I will not be disappointed.

      Thank you Tony for your excellent review and pointing me in the right direction for a great online source to purchase online Kratom.

  7. jeff l says:

    I’m glad I found new dawn. far cheaper than most sites and most of head shop kratom didn’t do anything and twice the price. just received 250 white maeng da from new dawn and it’s great. take less and more results. thumbs up all the way!

  8. John B Fulton says:

    nice selection of reasonably priced powdered and capsuled Kratom. (they advertise extract but I didn’t see any on the menu) Incredibly fast shipping and communication is outstanding! The powdered Kratom I purchased was very good and had that extra kick we’re all looking for but fail to find with so many vendors these days.
    My only complaint is that they fail to make LABORATORY RESULTS available even though there is a QR code labeled lab results on each package. When questioned as to why no results were available I was told that they are working on the problem and will have them available in the near future. I sure hope so. We’ll have to wait and see.
    So if you are looking for some Kratom you can “feel” and not just wonder if it’s working or not, look no further! There’s a NEW DAWN on the horizon!
    Check em out, you won’t be disappointed!

    1. Whitney says:

      Hello, I have tried RMD from Kats & Monk. With not a whole lot of effect . I have anxiety , pain & motivation struggles. I’m wondering about trying their GMG or green horn. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you

  9. Ida Price says:

    I’ve been using Krabot white maeng da for awhile now. Do you have any idea as to how New Dawn compares to Krabots quality and effects.

    1. In my opinion, New Dawn has better Kratom, stronger and cheaper, let me know your opinion after comparing them!

    2. KEVIN Wrye says:

      How good is krabot?

  10. Kevin Wrye says:

    New dawn kratom cant be beat! They have extremely low prices and the quality is very good! I have tried all the top vendors, Golden Monk, Kats, kraken, Hippo, Royal, o.p.m.s, and New Dawn is the way to go!

  11. Andrew says:

    New Dawn Kratom’s products exceeded my expectations in all ways as did their customer service and packaging. The vendor I was using “ceased operations” in 11-2020 and I tried two other vendors who sent me inert plantlike material. One of them sent it in large baggies. I am not sure if it was even Kratom.

    Then along came New Dawn Kratom. They are PERFECT. There is only the smallest of details I think would be nice: the mailing label says “New Dawn Kratom” and I think “New Dawn” or “NDK” would provide greater privacy/security especially if the PO leaves the package at the door.

  12. Jeff says:

    Is it possible to get a weak batch? I’ve had all good luck with new Dawn but the white horn I got didnt seem to do more than make me tired?

    1. This also happened to me, I contacted them, and it seems that the “problem” is that their kratom is stronger (which is a good thing) than what I had before, so, because I was taking the same dosage, I was taking more alkaloid than before and that’s why the different effects. I adjusted the dose to take the same amount of alkaloid (from less kratom) and it was better than ever!

      NDK is my favourite Vendor by far!

  13. Jeff says:

    Thanks! I’ll try that…makes sense.

  14. TL says:

    I purchased Kratom for pain related issues. I got Green Borneo for daytime use and Red Borneo for evening use based on a chart I found. Does that sound like the right strain use?

    Thank You, Terece

  15. Tracy says:

    I have been taking kratom for three years and I have tried numerous companies and different brands. I was skeptical about ordering from New Dawn but I am so glad I took the chance. I’ve always bought the Red mangda and this Red Mangda is far more stronger then I’ve ever had, and cheaper!! I am excited about trying different strains. If you are looking for a good product, try theirs, you will not be unhappy. I will say this also, try a little at a time because it’s very strong 😉

  16. C says:

    I have been using New dawn since January when I first found out about it. I’m amazed at the quality for the price! Also I’ve contacted customer support a couple of times ,and they answered me immediately via email , and called me on one occasion when I typed my email wrong ,and they couldn’t send my confirmation! I am forever a loyal customer ! Hands down better than any other kratom I’ve used!

  17. elizabeth salguero says:

    I recently order From New Dawn. Boy am i glad i did it is the Best kratom out there and the prices are absolutely Amazing.. i tryed the Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, and Green Borneo.. all i can say is Try it please you wont regret it

  18. Dana Shoemaker says:

    I have ordered from New dawn twice now i got the kilo of red bali and then i did the sample X3 250grams and i requested the strains red,white and green Maeng da and not onluy did they send it but i received it in 2 days. They are all amazing and work very well for me and the price cannot be beat. I am a lifetime customer and thank you so very much, Kratom has been a lifesaver for me as I am 6 months clean and the anxiety i was feeling was crippling and Kratom makes me feel normal and allows me to function I highly recomend it to anyone wanting to get clean it works wonders and it helps with my pain. Thank you, Thank you,Thank you

  19. Trey says:

    I’m use to smoke shop brands like remarkable herbs,earth Keaton,and just kratom. I just ordered 250 of green Malay. Do you think I need to adjust my dose of ndk

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