most euphoric kratom

Everybody is curious about the most euphoric kratom, could it be Maeng Da? Can it really make one experience the euphoric experience highly desired by many?

most euphoric kratom

The point of this article is to determine the best option for a euphoric experience. For us to determine the best strain there is need to get well versed with at least three simple rules:

  • Is green or white the best euphoria option?
  • The quantity required
  • The origin is vital

How Kratom Induces Euphoria

For Kratom to induce euphoria there are certain chemicals that must come into contact with particular opioid receptors and neurotransmitters responsible for euphoria.

There are a number of different alkaloids that can be found in Kratom;

An opioid agonist by the name 7 hydroxymitragynine is responsible for producing the euphoric effect and also known for health benefits.

Now, let’s examine the different strains that contain this alkaloid.

Maeng Da

One of the most euphoric kratom that is highly praised for being unique is Maeng Da.

It contains increased concentrations of alkaloids that lead to a balanced pain reducing effect and stimulation.

It’s highly not recommended for beginners.

A pain killer medication and opioid called Vicodin produces similar effects. If this Kratom is too intense for you, then the best options would be Indo a Shoot or Green Malay.

When it comes to euphoria, Maeng Da qualifies as the most euphoric kratom. It can be found in its original state only in Indonesia, where it’s harvested from mature trees. It produces a very strong euphoric smell.

Is this too much euphoria for you?

These other options might suit you.

Green Malay

Although not the most euphoric kratom, Green Malay is recognized for its natural euphoric effects that are known to linger more than Maeng Da and the other strains.

It’s up to you to decide whether, Green Malay qualifies as the most euphoric kratom. According to me, Green Malay ranks supreme for its prolonged euphoric effects, but I will choose Maeng Da if am looking for that kratom with intense euphoria.

What Else Is To Be Expected From Green Malay?

Within the first hours of taking Green Malay, one experiences elevated mood and energy. A few hours later, one experiences a relaxed feeling as the euphoric effects wear off.

The best effects are energy boost, relief from pain and euphoric feelings.

When compared to the effects of other kratom strains, these effects are unique because the other strains offer only some pain relief, mental stimulation and mood enhancement. But, all these benefits are produced by Green Malay moderately or on the higher side.

To experience the best euphoric effects, Super Green Malay can be combined with Maeng Da.

When in need of intense euphoria and heightened senses to watch or listen to music etc, I always prefer Maeng Da.

White Borneo

If you want to experience clarity or increased energy and euphoria, then the best option is White Borneo. Within the Borneo family, it can be ranked as the most intense and rare kratom. If taken in the right dose, one should expect to experience intense feelings of happiness.

To some people, it’s a better alternative to Maeng Da.

To others, it’s inferior.

Can we trust their opinions?

Known for inducing energizing and uplifting effects, White Borneo is a therapeutic kratom. Although not the most euphoric kratom, it’s the best in case you have projects with tight deadlines that require high levels of energy and concentration.

Indo and Malaysian

This is one of the most euphoric kratom, the effectiveness of this strain will highly depend on quality. However, I would not recommend this kratom as the best option because this kratom can offer the best and worst euphoric effects ever experienced.

For now, let’s focus our attention on Green Malay and Maeng Da.

What Is The Right Kratom Dose To Induce Euphoria?

The right dose can only be determined by your body and brain.

However, it’s not that hard to know the right dose. As for beginners, it’s always recommended to start with a low dose and increase as necessary. This will help determine the right dose the next time.

Some of the recommended starting points are as follows:

  • For energy boost and euphoric effects, take 1-3g
  • For relaxation and intense euphoria, take 4-6g
  • For sedating effects, take 7-10g

Last Thoughts

As I conclude this article, let me admit that it’s not easy determining the most euphoric kratom for everyone.

All human brains and receptors function differently.

But we can confidently rank Maeng Da and Green Malay as the most euphoric kratoms.

This is because of the effects produced by their high alkaloids levels.

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