Kratom and Caffeine

Are you a Kratom lover? If you are one of the many coffee lovers, you are not alone. For most people who consume Caffeine thru drinking coffee, this has become a regular routine and has become the main beverage in their daily dietary intake. In fact, Americans are known to consume more coffee in comparison to any other beverage like soft drinks or bottled water. If you are a coffee lover and a Kratom lover, the question on many people’s mind is, can you combine the two? Before making your mind up and answering this question, let us review a couple of things beforehand.

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kratom and caffeine

Let’s look at Coffee and Kratom’s similarities

Classification of Origins of Kratom and Coffees

The Kratom and Coffee beans are both classified under the family of Rubiaceae (Coffee), Due to this similarity in origin, it plays a major factor as to why they both cause similar effects when ingested.

Flavor of Bitterness

Both Kratom and Coffee, possess a bitter taste. That is the reason most prefer to mix both with another ingredient such as- creamer and sugar or twist of lemon and honey.

Body’s Reaction when Ingested

Coffee, unlike Kratom, has undergone plenty of studies as to the effects on a human body when ingested. Coffee has been proven to have the possibility to lessen the risks of plenty of illnesses like- Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes (type 2), and cirrhosis of the liver. Drinking coffee has even been proven to lessen the chances of suffering from depression and can aid in the time it takes for the body to recuperate from a workout. Coffee drinkers are known to be more pleasing to work with and even been characterized as possessing dominant DNA genes and have proven to live longer

Kratom, unfortunately, has not been so extensively studied nor tested but has numerous health benefits like Coffee. Kratom has been known to carry anti-inflammatory effects. It also enhances the body’s ability to fight off diseases and illnesses. Often, at times it has helps drinkers cope with pain. Studies have shown that Kratom is an effective treatment to contradict effects from an addiction to opium rather than any other medication.

Both Kratom and Caffeine are labeled as Addictive

Coffee and Kratom are named under the category of addictive substances. Even though Kratom has been said to be an addictive drug substance, kratom is no more addictive then Caffeine is. For Caffeine is not so much as an addictive substance but a habitual act and a sociable substance. People who are coffee drinkers usually habitually drink coffee with someone else. Also, Coffee consists of content that boosts the taste of anything it is ingested with, for example drinking coffee along with your favorite vanilla cream cookies. By boosting tastes buds to register a pleasurable sensation this, in turn, makes ingestion of coffee a pleasurable experience. By the sensation registering this as a pleasurable activity, it is more likely to encourage a coffee drinker to habitually repeat this, after all, who on this planet does not like things that are pleasurable?

Although pleasurable, you must also remember that the frequent intake of kratom and caffeine can cause an alkaloid buildup in the body’s system when ingested regularly and often enough that it does not allow time enough for the alkaloids to leave the body’s system. This will cause tolerance. Also, bear in mind, TOLERANCE is not the same as ADDICTION.

Side Effects when taking both Kratom and Coffee

Along with causing a tolerance, as mentioned above, Coffee consumption can bring on side effects such as insomnia, becoming overly nervous, nauseous, can experience vomiting and fast or irregular heartbeats. Kratoms can make a person experience side effects such as a stomachache, nausea, vomiting, constipation, dizziness, and essentially mess up your body’s sleep cycles, but kratoms side effects differ on a person to person basis.

How do Kratom and Coffee differ?

Varieties and Its Different Effects

Although Coffee has Hundreds of different species of Coffee and mostly create the same stimulant effect. Kratom, on the other hand, only have 3 different natural vein types- red, green, and white, and a wide selection of strains. Every vein and every strain per vein in the same category can have different effects on one another. For example, there are trees categorized under Mitragyna species, which are alike to kratom but do not provide the same effect upon consumption.

Potency Strength

The potency of kratom is stronger than those of coffee but the length of its effect is similar on average. On average the effect of coffee is four to six hours and kratom five to six hours. Although it is said some strains of kratom, such as a red Sumatra kratom, can cause effects from its intake that can last up to ten hours.

Legalities and Availability to Public

Coffee is legal to sell and consume. It is, also, available to consumers widely around the world, whereas kratom is mostly banned to sell or consume. Kratom has been banned by multiple countries because it is labeled as a controlled substance, like New Zealand, Russia, Australia, and Sweden. Kratom is legal in certain states in the US with restrictions. In the US states that kratom is not banned, kratom can only be sold as a substance to make soaps, body butter, etc. But it cannot be sold as a dietary supplement.

Remember that just as Kratom is banned in different countries and states, Coffee was also. Before the studies and proven tests, Coffee too was banned for a long time span of time in Italy and Mecca. So eventually, when more studies have been conducted on the effects of kratom, hopefully, it too will be available to consumers widely around the world as well.

Proper dosage

Management for the right dosage of coffee is easier to measure. Most coffee shops and restaurants, Caffeine in the coffee served is standard strength. But Kratom in comparison, is far more sensitive in this regard. Not every dose, will be right for everyone nor will it provide the same purpose to everyone. To avoid risking one’s self to Kratom’s side effects, each person should measure their own person dosage carefully using a sensitive scale.

Is it possible to mix kratom and coffee?

What way is best to take both kratom and coffee?

Although plenty of people suggest that you can mix kratom and coffee, there is no definite answer. Depending on your needs, the way you live your life, and your bodily reactions, as will the methods of intake depend on your needs, lifestyle, and preferences.

Mixture methods of consuming kratom and coffee (caffeine)

The mixture of both Kratom and Caffeine in one drink

To combine the two into one some people brew coffee and add kratom tea into one cup. If perhaps the taste is a bit strong for their liking, some others add sweeteners. Bear in mind when mixing in the kratom, you should mix in your regular dose because mixing in the faster strains will leave your body feeling jumpy, leaving you with an unpleasant effect.

Separate servings intake of each Kratom and Caffeine.

Some prefer to intake kratom tea or toss and wash first, then drink coffee a few minutes later. In some rare instances, some prefer coffee before kratom tea.

Every other day, Alternating days between both Kratom and Caffeine intakes

Some prefer to take kratom and coffee on alternating days. Although kratom provides a different effect from the coffee, most who choose to alternate do so to regulate their kratom dosage level and provide your body the time it needs to rid your body of alkaloids.

Which strains of Kratom should you take with coffee

Coffee + Fast Strains of Kratom

Coffee alone is stimulating but if you were to mix in some white vein kratom or green strain kratom, this can cause one to feel overly stimulated, almost like it is too much for one to handle. To avoid experiencing effects like jumpiness, restlessness, nausea, and a fast or irregular heart rate, it is suggested that you lower the kratom portion of the mixture by mixing in only half of your usual dosage. If you feel half the dosage of the kratom portion is not enough you can always adjust the measured kratom portion of the drink.

Coffee + Slower Strains of Kratom

Intake of red vein kratoms taken in large doses is usually ingested as a relaxant which has pain killing effect. Due to the sedative characteristics of larger doses and it’s the drowsy effect it may leave some drinkers unalert and sleepy during working hours. So, to still be productive during the hours you may be at work, some drink coffee to stay alert when needed.

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