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I learned that a PHR saves time, energy, and money. And it saved my life!
Saturday, June 08, 2013 | Marilyn Render

Maintaining a personal health record (PHR) is the key to my existence today. My PHR experience started in the early 1970’s. My parents were diligent about keeping comprehensive and up-to-date files and medical records for me, due to a near medical error as a child. I was almost given the wrong medication by the physician in an emergency situation. If not for the forward thinking of my parents and the medical record file in their possession, I would have experienced some serious consequences. It is with that unwavering commitment to health that I grew up and developed a keen understanding of the importance of personal health information and medical records and the maintenance of these files. I learned that a PHR certainly saves time, energy and money. Most importantly, these files saved my life.

From my experience during childhood, I learned to use the necessary tools to keep and maintain my own personal health records. I not only keep records for myself, but for my entire family. I use my PHR as a way to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I use it to keep track of results of lab reports, weight, vitals, etc. The PHR allows me to be an educated consumer with the ability to communicate knowledgeably with my physicians. Having access to my own personal records gives me a sense of responsibility for the quality of my health information and healthcare.

My suggestion to others would be to start today and discover how to take charge of your health information and the management of your records. Make it a family project. Discover the importance of maintaining your personal health records for yourself and your family. It is the way of the future. 

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