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A Look at How Advanced Healthcare Technologies Really Work
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 | Jennifer K. Murphy,

Imagine a healthcare system that empowers patients and providers to make more informed clinical decisions to manage chronic health conditions. One in which providers have immediate access to gaps in care for each of their patients and are able to close those care gaps at the point of care. One that achieves the “Triple Aim” of improved outcomes, patient satisfaction and reduced cost by opening lines of communication with the patient’s care team – the provider, the care manager and the health plan.

Lastly, imagine a healthcare system that meets the patient where they are in the community, providing support to drive true behavior change for all facets of their healthcare. Meet Lisa, 55, a senior manager in a large corporation. She has just been diagnosed with heart disease after suffering from a recent heart attack. The diagnosis has changed everything for Lisa. She will have to make major lifestyle changes to improve her health and avoid another life-threatening episode.

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