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Mobile PHRs

What is a mobile PHR?

Mobile PHRs, sometimes called mobile health or mHealth, are mobile phone or PDA applications that help you track your health. Mobile PHRs can be used with any cellular phone with Internet access.

Hundreds of applications have already been developed to address specific health needs. Mobile PHR apps can help you monitor health conditions, track medication schedules, locate a hospital or doctor, stick to a healthier lifestyle, and increase access to more health information.

Resources on mobile PHRs

  • Patients in Michigan use a free smartphone app to locate the nearest emergency room or urgent care center, complete with driving directions and estimated wait times.
  • Mobile PHR apps help people quit smoking, monitor chronic conditions such as diabetes, or better manage a pregnancy.
  • Doctors use mHealth with smart phones and iPads to interact with patients and get instant updates on their health concerns.
  • Communities use apps to track overall health outcomes, play games to promote healthy habits, and use GPS apps to help prevent asthma attacks or medication overdoses.

Browse mobile PHR apps

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